PlanToys Modern Furniture Set

PlanToys Modern Furniture Set
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PlanToys Modern Furniture Set Description

Plan Toy Modern Furniture Set is modern style furniture consists of five rooms; living room, kitchen, bathroom, children’s bedroom and master bedroom. Beautiful modern pieces of wooden furniture that is brightly colored and curved. You get kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, a bedroom set and a bunk bed set for the children in the family.

This modern style furniture set consists of furniture for 5 rooms; Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Children’s Bedroom and Master Bedroom. Playtime Ideas:Let children identify and explain the importance of each furniture piece, helping to develop their vocabulary and language skill.Let children collect all the furniture together and then group them according to its respective rooms, helping them to be observant and encouraging decision making.Children can bring the furniture set to play w…

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PlanToys Modern Furniture Set

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